Print Quality

All the prints presented in the Wallpepper galleries are produced by professional laboratories selected for their standards and expertise. Some have been our partners for almost 20 years.

All of our prints are made under the strict control of the artist and each proof is drawn by the same printer. All our photographs are printed in limited editions with a limited number of copies (between 5 and 16 all formats combined). The artists represented by Wallpepper are totally exclusive.

Numbering and certification of prints

Limited series | Numbering

Limited editions generally include between 3 and 15 prints in all formats. If the number of copies is indicated, this will be the maximum number of prints in which the photo will be reproduced in the given format. Each print is therefore numbered, certified and hand signed by the photographer.

Legally, are considered as works of art only "the photographs taken by the artist, drawn by him or under his control, signed and numbered within the limit of thirty copies, all formats and supports combined".

Certification | Authenticity

Any acquisition of a numbered print is certified as prescribed by our agreement with Epson (see the chapter on Digigraphy). The print is then named, numbered and stamped and the certificate is drawn up and signed by the author.

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